The Minis

All are registered with American Miniature Jersey Cattle Association

Memory Lane Ginger
Height: 36 inches
Born: September 24th 2017
Milk Protein DNA: A1/A2 milk producer
Memory Lane Shelby
Height: 36 inches
Born: October 13th 2017
Milk Protein DNA: A1/A1 milk producer
Memory Lane Pearl
Height: 34 inches
Born: April 13th 2018
Milk Protein DNA: N/A at this time
Flanary’s Keepsake Farm Calvert
Herd Sire
Height: 31 inches
Born: April 18th 2018
TK Mini’s Anna
Our First Calf at HagedornHomestead
Height: 34 inches
Born: January 3rd 2020
Bloodlines: Memory Lane Shelby and FKF Calvert
Milk Protein DNA: N/A at this time

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